What People Are Saying About SPELL Fitness

Here is what some real life SPELL clients are saying about the health and fitness coaching:


“When you go online and you look at internet fitness trainers, you almost always find someone trying to sell you something. They are often sponsored by some company who is looking to make a profit on a cheap “magical” product. (this is my opinion at least)

Jess doesn’t drill you, she doesn’t scold you, she offers suggestions for improvement, but makes it very clear that if you deprive yourself of the things you love, it will not stick. She offers you the chance to explore yourself and what you need to succeed. You can eat whatever you want, with a guideline of macros to stay within. Each person is different, each person has their own weakness, she recognizes this, and allows you to work with it, all the while providing you the education you need to make your own “smart choices”.

Prayer-this is especially unique for a fitness group. Jess prays for each of her clients, she does daily bible verses and constantly reminds us that we are not doing this to “be sexy” but to be healthy and honor our body as a temple. It is incredibly easy to drift from faith when you are focused on the superficial, especially when you start to see results and feel good about yourself physically. It is easy to forget what is important, and how you got there. It is also easy to become so obsessed with the look that you have achieved that you become willing to do unhealthy things just to maintain it-this is the unfortunate struggle of so many women today in western society. You cannot succeed without maintaining your priorities. (this from personal experience) A constant reminder of who put you here and who is allowing you to succeed is crucial…not to mention humbling.

Finally, there is a Facebook group. This group seems to drift together and come back together. We are human, we struggle, we fail, we get up, we try again, and we support each other through it all, non judgmentally.”  -Sarah W.



“The interaction, the availability…granted, I’ve never had any other personal trainer that I didn’t go to right to the gym for, but even with that said I feel like Jess is far more available and personable that anyone else I’ve ever met. I think the most important part of this journey that I am thankful for, is that God is the main focus…He is the center of everything. Jess helps to make sure to refocus on Him and His doings. Jess is inspiring and it’s not all about the scale number with her. She is more real world than anyone else and she understands that people might slip up, she makes it more of a lifestyle than a diet. But she also always there for the accountability. And the videos are great! They are easy to follow, but are hard all at the same time. I feel like there is no weight loss program or trainer like her. I think she wraps the mental health, physical health, and spiritual health all into one and makes them all important. She also doesn’t push unhealthy supplements. Jess believes in each and every one of her clients and you can tell that she is truly genuine and is not just trying to get money out of us”  -Sarah E.


“I really love the faith aspect and everything being centered around God. I like that it’s really personalized, Jess does a great job of checking in and she’s very accessible and supportive. She responds quickly and no question is dumb. She is very thorough in explaining everything! Jess is very knowledgable about health and fitness, I feel like I’m in great hands! I like the challenges and the Facebook posts that keep us accountable. Also, without actually knowing her, I feel as if we’re friends! I am so blessed to be a part of SPELL Fitness. And, of course, the results don’t lie! The workouts are great! I love that there are YouTube videos and it’s nice that she does the workouts too, so it’s not just telling, but also showing how to do them. I also love the MyFitnessPal, it’s awesome for tracking and being accountable and it’s awesome that Jess checks it. It’s been a true blessing to my life.” – Brooke M.



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